I thought I’d share my experience of Panchakarma , so here it goes.

Today (March 16th) is my 9th day of Panchakarma which is purgation day! Panchakarma is a major therapeutic procedure/ purification of the body. The first 3 days I received a dry powder massage with healing herbs rubbed all over my body for about 45 minutes. Then I sat in a wooden box on a steel stool with my head sticking up. So basically, I was seasoned and then roasted. While I was in the box it is was extremely hot. So I meditated by following my thoughts. I felt that thoughts that no longer served me were being evaporated away. I was ok to do this as long as I could peek my eyes open and see my Massage therapist standing by the outside door; however, if she wasn’t there then I could not relax for fear of being locked in this box indefinitely, although I could open the box myself if need be.

The next 5 days was poorva karma or oil massages, followed by heated bundles of healing herbs pounded all over my body followed by shirodhara, which is pouring of medicated oil on my forehead, left to right for 30-40 minutes. Rani, my Panchakarma Therapist, does all of her work and leads her life by putting it all in God’s hands. She’s my Panchakarma Angel.

And today is puragation. So I consumed a special, although quite gross, concoction of medicated oils, then 2 hours later I start drinking warm water for two hours. This induced evacuation of toxins. So basically I’m in my room running to the toilet… fun day. At 2pm I can eat plain rice soup. That’s all and more rice soup at 6pm and tomorrow I can eat other foods.
Oh so I began today like every other day in the ashram. Waking up by 520, walking to Satsung( meditation, chanting followed by a reading and talk by the director of the ashram), then tea, then a two hour yoga class. The ashrams schedule has us busy from 520 am to about 10pm.

I’m doing all of this for healing and Union of my body, mind and Spirit with peace. I’m on a quest of union of my physical self with my Jivatman or Higher Self, a continual contact with God. We already have this connection, but we forget sometimes, at least I do. Namaste