A return from India & Thailand welcomes February!

As 15 of us Yogis return from our spiritual journey to India and Thailand, daylight is increasing and the promise of spring is in the air.

This month we begin to notice the first stirrings of new life, as the strengthening of the sun’s light invokes creativity.
February is a time for purification and growth, hope and renewal.
One Bliss’s Inaugural trip  was both transformational and joyful.  In India, we went deep inside of ourselves into our Jivatman or Soul self through visiting the backwaters of Kerala, a 2000 year old Hindu Temple, swimming in the healing Arabian Sea and of course, our even deeper spiritual journey within during our time in Sivananda Ashram.
In Thailand, we visited many Buddhist’s temples, had Thai massages, lots of Thai tea, plenty of shopping, served lunch to an orphanage, and spent some time with Tigers!
Check out our photo album below…
Victoria & Tracey at an Elephant Rehabilitation Center.
All 15 Amazing Traveling Yogis in Varkala, India, along with our extremely caring hotel staff and tour guides which went above and beyond to make sure that we were enjoying ourselves.
Yoga on the lawn in Varkala, Kerala, India.
Backwaters trip through the Munroe Islands in Kerala.
Varkala Cliff with the Arabian Sea!
Bathing an elephant, What a profound experience!
Ashram life!
Visiting a Buddhist Temple.

The pictures below are from our day spent with Stu and the Kids which is
Charity Support for Poor & Orphaned Hill Tribe Children in Northern Thailand.   This day touched each of our souls on a deep, deep level.  The living conditions in this orphanage are much better than where these children come from; however, one cannot imagine our own children living in an orphanage this way.  Stu Skversky, has dedicated his life to helping these children.
God Bless his soul!
One Bliss donated lunch for over 600 children this day and all of our traveling yogis served lunch to these beautiful children.  In addition, the participants on this trip participated in a fund raiser and we donated over $2000 to this organization which is paying for one teenager to attend college.
After leaving this orphanage, I felt that my legs were going to give out on me.  It was such a deep, profound experience and one that left me so very grateful for everything that we have and take for granted most times.
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shopping in the Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai.

Visiting a Buddhist temple in Bangkok
Rubbing a tiger’s tummy…(good thing he wasn’t hungry!)
Embracing my inner Durga~the Goddess of Inner Strength and Protection
who rides upon a Tiger!
Tracey and Victoria ending our trip with a day in Bangkok’s Buddhist’s Temples.  Tracey and I co-facilitated this trip from the bottom of our hearts!  We put our hearts, souls and a lot of hard work into making this a journey of a lifetime for each and every participant.  Thank you Tracey for being my amazing partner in One Bliss Yoga Retreats and in other endeavors as friends and as business partners.  .  At times, Tracey is pure awareness, consciousness and I am out in space, creating, then we switch!  At other times, we take care of each other, when I was sick in India and on the plane, Tracey was there to take charge, and when Tracey was ill in Thailand, I stepped in.
We compliment each other, we learn from each other and we respect and love each other.
And, one last picture…
This is me at home, with a Victory Warrior Goddess Journey Scar which I received after fainting on one of the flights home.  I believe this happened because of a few different variables; airsickness, low blood sugar, being anemic as well as having Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy.  Although I look extremely healthy on the outside, on the inside taking care of my body is a 24 hour conscious responsibility due to different health issues that I face.  I was so busy pushing myself that last day, that I overdid it.

Going in to ourselves is deep, transformative work.  Some times it’s fun, sometimes it’s hard.  As I move forward on this path of a Spiritual Warrior on a sacred quest, I endure without yielding to defeat or discouragement, walking on my path despite obstacles and hardships.  Whether my path is smooth and safe or risky and covered with pitfalls, I march onward.  (Sometimes I take some steps that appear backwards, but who is anyone to judge, myself included.)

The messages from this amazing journey to India and Thailand for me is that:

1)  We are all ONE!  No matter the color of your skin, race, sex or religion, we are all ONE.
2) Love, Love, Love yourself and then love yourself some more.  Forgive yourself for mistakes, we are human beings.  Mistakes are part of our job description.  
3)  Surrender.  Surrender to your higher power.  Surrender again and again.  Have courage, faith and trust in the Universe.  Trust in yourself.  If you mess up, oh well!  Get up and try again. 
In courage, love, service and wisdom,
Victoria Purcell – Yogini