Happy March 1, 2016! New Month ~ New Beginnings!

Aum Gum Ganapataye Namaha – Jaya Ganesha-The Lord of Wisdom for New Beginnings & the Removal of Obstacles!


Happy March 1,2016!  New Month – New Beginnings, Spring is in the air, and so is new birth, including the birth of my first grand child, Michael Ewhen Luzi!!!


He arrived at 6:29 am and weighs 5 pounds and 10 ounces.  Being born four weeks early, he is currently healing his little lungs and little body in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Virtua Hospital in Voorhees.  Jaya Ganesha to new beginnings.  Hail Mother Mary as I pray to her to watch over our new baby and all of the new life everywhere! And of course, bring on Durga Ma as she comes riding forth on her tiger with her fierce protective love offering the gift of strength.
My heart is filled with so much joy.  My love for my son and his Fiancé is immense and the fierce and protective lioness mother in me is roaring forth, yet I have this soft vulnerable spot and when it comes to love, a slight change in the winds can send me to my knees. 
Therefore, bring on courage!  The courage needed to go deeper into ourselves and embrace all aspects of our beings, our light and our dark.  The courage needed to liberate us as we choose love of self in each moment and swallow the demons of self destruction, the ones that focus on limiting beliefs.   Making a commitment to choose love over so called “short comings” in each encounter by believing in a Heart Based God.
Bring on Spring, bring on new life, bring on new beginnings.  Let Spring come in like a lamb and go out like a lion because we have our own roars too, the roars of courage!  
Yoga brings us deeper and deeper into our soul’s journey.  So, are you ready for a deeper yoga practice? A few ways which you can dive deeper into yoga is by taking more classes or workshops.  Also, if interested, you can dive deeper with a private yoga class or classes in which I will assist you in developing a daily practice (yoga, meditation or pranayama) that will help you shine your internal light all day, each day.  If you are interested in scheduling privates or would like more information, please send an email to blissfulyogamullicahill@gmail.com.
Our March schedule has a new class that I am super excited about.    It is called Sacred Shimmer which is a fusion of Vinyasa with BellyDance.  Since, dance is my background, I absolutely love the fusion of these two movements.   This class is designed to creatively engage your core in graceful movement. We will be strengthening the abdomen, shimmying the hips, and energizing the sacral chakra, which inspires our creative and emotional energies.   Sacred Shimmer is being taught by 
Nina Rosenberg.  If you haven’t met Nina yet, please take some time for this class.  Nina has such a sweet, positive energy and she makes everyone feel so very comfortable and at ease in their bodies.
In Courage, Love, Service & Wisdom
Victoria Purcell