Welcome to June and the warm weather!

This past weekend, I was afforded the opportunity to spend time with my daughter at The Himalayan Institute in the Poconos.  We attended a yoga retreat together and I was also finalizing some plans for Blissful Yoga’s upcoming July Yoga Retreat.
One Sanskrit word that Luke reminded me of is “samskaras”.  “Sam” means well-planned and “Kara” means the undertaken action.  Samskaras are impressions left on our minds from all the habits we have formed.  We can have positive samskaras and negative ones. Samskaras build with layers upon layers just like a snowball. Let’s say every time you go to the Ocean City boardwalk you have boardwalk fries. So, more than likely the next time you return, you will crave the boardwalk fries and order them!  The more we repeat a behavior the stronger the impression of the samskara remains.
The current samskara that I am shining light on so that it will transform is the act of not eating sugar!   Yikes.  I mean I really love sugar.  I love eating my one sweet treat a day.  But, due to health reasons, I cut back dramatically.  My next step is NO sugar. Now, I realize that I need to have an intention to not begin any new bad habits in the place of not eating sugar.  
The reason habits are hard to break are because of samskaras.   My weekend yoga retreat, helped me to dive deeper into not eat sugar.  
Can you think of any samskaras in your own life that you are ready to shine some light on?