Wishing September Blessings to You

Wishing September Blessings to you and a fun Labor Day too!


Where as June seems to take forever to arrive, September always sneaks up on us.   It’s September 1st and fall feels official.  Change is always with us.  Embracing change is not easy to do when we are resistant.  However, when we trust and open ourselves up to flowing with change, our lives are more at ease and abundance and more opportunities present themselves to us.

 In May, I began working with a life/business coach as I wanted to make a larger commitment to invest in me, my business, as well as, going deeper into empowering and coaching others.  It was something I was contemplating for a couple of years.  After interviewing a few different coaches, I let spirit guide me and and I choose to work with someone on the other side of our country in California.
The instant I made this commitment, huge transformation began.  One issue that I choose to face, head on is money.  There are times when I am extremely good with money. Over twenty years ago, I was a single parent making $36,000.00 a year.  Within one year,  I saved  $10,000 to purchase a condo on my own.  There’s been times in my life when I’ve lived in massive abundance with money and then times, that I’m not proud of when I felt like I was living on bread and water because I was spending my money shopping on non-essentials.

I relate this fluctuation with finances to times when I was flowing with change, with life and to times when I was instead allowing my shadow self, fear or shame to take over.

Recently, I was listening to a Brene’ Brown podcast.  Brene’ Brown is a Christian, researcher and storyteller.  She was discussing shame and from her research, she said we are the most in debt, obese and addicted nation in history.  The culprit is shame.  When we numb shame, we also numb joy.  When we don’t look at shame, which comes from thoughts such as, I’m not _______ enough.  Fill in the blank; good enough, thin enough, smart enough, etc.  When we do not face our shadow self, we end up spending more, drinking more, eating more, etc; and, therefore, not flowing with life.

This is shadow work, dark work, or lower-self work.  Quite frankly, I don’t like using these specific words because they may come with a negative connotation.  Truthfully, these opposites shadow/reflection, dark/light, higher/lower are the Yin/Yang and are neither good nor bad. One can not exist without the other and a balance of these energies is the key to living a life in balance, in flow, in harmony.  As Carl Yung said, “One does not become enlightened by imagining figures of light, but by making the darkness conscious” and also, “Wholeness is possible only via the coexistence of opposites.  In order to know the light, we must experience the dark.”


 I am a carrier of the Dark/Shadow Wisdom/Medicine.  This is also something that I felt shameful of, yet when I go deeper into this, this is exactly where my inner power and magic resides.  When we each go deeper into our shadow aspects with courage and a brave heart, we begin to face our fears and turn deeper into love.  Through that process, transformation occurs and we flow into UNION with our body, mind and spirit.

That UNION is Yoga.  Yoga is much, more than physical asanas/poses. Yoga is an eight-limbed path to the Soul Self.  The practices in yoga teach us to control the mind. Pranayama-breath control is one of the limbs in this path.

Chapter 13 of the Bhagavad Gita says, “Entering the Earth, I support all beings by vitality“.   When we allow our prana-breath-universal life force-to flow through us consciously, we access the secret pathway to balance, vitality and bliss.


Swami Rama, Founder of the Himalayan Institute Center in Pennsylvania, said, “Breath is an external manifestation of the force of prana.  Breath is the fly-wheel that regulates the entire machine of the body.  Just as the control of the fly-wheel of an engine controls all other mechanisms in it, so the control of the external breath leads to control of the gross and subtle, physical and mental aspects of our life machine.”

When we apply our breath, prana or yoga to shadow work, we begin to see the light.  Any time we find ourselves in a messy situation, we are doing shadow work.

Each messy situation we lift ourselves out of makes us STRONGER.  Ask yourself now, what was the last messy situation you lifted yourself out of and what did you learn from it.  Did you apply your breath or yoga to it?

At Blissful Yoga, pranayama/breath control, is taught in each class.  Through pranayama, the manipulation of the breath, we calm our nervous system and eventually remember our true identity which is bliss, and we flow with the changes in the universe.

In Love, Service & Wisdom,
Victoria Purcell-Goodwin, E-RYT
Master Practitioner of Yoga & Intuitive Healer