Sedona Yoga Retreat

Blissful Yoga’s Hungry Hearts Sedona Yoga Retreat was a journey into our heart’s desires. During this retreat we learned about the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine energies that reside in each of us and how those energies when in balance create a balanced, conscious heart centered life.
This retreat was lead by myself and assisted by my soul sister, Shalini Breault. It was Shalini’s vision to lead a yoga retreat in Sedona with me and we were blessed with a group of 20 powerful Divine Feminine beings joining us on this life changing experience!
On the first night of our retreat, I created Sacred Space and invited the Arch Angels, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel and Uriel to watch over us.
The next morning in Sedona, we began the practice of yoga by chanting the Guru
Guru Brahma – The Guru is our Creator
Guru Vishnu – The Guru is the Preserver of our lives
Guru devo Maheshwara – The Guru is the destroyer, the trials, calamities
and sicknesses of our lives
Guru Sakshat – There’s a Guru nearby
Param Brahma – There’s the Supreme Guru
Tasmai Shri Guravay Namah – To this honorable teacher, the remover of darkness,
I offer all of my great effort and praise.

Then, a calamity occurs.

After breakfast, our group of twenty embarked on a trolley tour. We were only on the trolley for a few minutes when I heard a small noise from the rear. Next, I hear people in the back yelling to stop the trolley. The driver did not stop. At the same time, I saw a flame come up from under the engine right in front of me and realized that the propane tank on the trolley was on fire, and I yelled, “Stop the trolley”. We all dashed out of the trolley. Some people climbed out of the back windows.
This all happened almost instantaneously and later we all found out that the back of the trolley filled up with smoke first, then the front. Some people couldn’t see through the smoke and we all experienced difficulty breathing at some point.
Ah… Breath…Prana…Our Life Force Energy…
This was a very scary, life altering experience.

Thank God, we all made it off of the trolley in “one piece”

After running off of the trolley, I began making sure everyone else was out of the trolley while I was checking in with our group and telling them to get as far away from the trolley as they could.
Everything was surreal. In my mind’s eye I was wondering if this was truly happening?
Quite frankly, I was also in shock that I did not intuitively “see” this coming.

Then the miracles appeared!

1) While one person was climbing out of the trolley, she looked up and saw a big white feather floating above the trolley. She turned around to the person behind her and asked if she saw it, and she said, “yes”.
2) Within a couple of minutes, a fire truck appears that just happened to be driving by us. Shortly there after, another fire truck came.
3) Next, an ambulance stops that just happened to be driving by!
The Universe gave us a magnanimous lesson which was
That was the key. When someone began to go into the past or into the future in a worrisome way, the energy would shift.
Each person on the yoga retreat, did an amazing job of keeping their awareness in the present and if someone did go into a state of worry, everyone else gathered around to take care of each other’s emotional, spiritual and physical needs.


We were UNITED.
As for me, I felt a Divine Masculine part of myself was on the scene.
A very focused, logical and analytical part of me came forth.
I knew I had this powerful beaming energy of the Divine Feminine standing guard around everyone, and that was Shalini Breault.
In our Hungry Hearts Sedona Yoga Retreat of 20 powerful beings, I was also super blessed to have my posse with me including my daughter and studio manager, Abigail. Abigail helped me to focus with her wise words and guidance that goes beyond her age. And I had the support of some of my best friends and yoga teachers with me too, Kat Epperson, Mary Procacci, Beth Cox and Chrissy McCool . All of whom reminded me to choose love, love & more love again, again and again.
Our group spent over an hour on the side of the road being taken care of by the firemen, the emergency squad and each other.
Each and every woman on this trip turned around to help another. As traumatic as the situation was, we handled it in grace, strength, courage and in compassion for one another.
I was able to schedule a different trolley company which picked us up from the site of the accident and took us to The Chapel of the Holy Cross where, Shalini had asked me to do a blessing with Holy Water for everyone.
Then we visited another vortex area.
The picture below was taken 2 hours after the trolley accident!
4) FOURTH MIRACLE! The intuitive sign that I did receive…
Seconds prior to hearing the small noise in the back of the trolley, I saw a huge Raven sitting on a road barrier on the side of the highway. It was almost two feet tall and I was surprised that no one else saw it. As soon as I asked myself if the huge black bird was real, it answered me with a slight, sudden movement.
The Spirit Animal of the Raven is known to bring messages. The sight of that raven was my intuitive warning and it was a miracle because it took me into the PRESENT moment with my senses being fully awakened and with vivid clarity. Prior to the sight of the Raven, my thoughts were scattered. My full awareness was required and that was the gift I received.
Ravens are also a sign of transformation and rebirth.

Each of us were

re-birthed in someway that day.

We were all grateful and knew we were blessed. Gratitude and Blessings was our theme as we enjoyed the rest of our time in Sedona.

On the 5th night of our retreat, we came to a culmination with a celebration of marriage to ourselves. We took a Sankalpa .

Sankalpa: (Sanskrit: संकल्प) means to connect with the highest truth; from the heart and mind.

It’s an oath, a vow.

Our Sankalpa is something that we bring into our heart and mind prior to making any decision. Once you take a Sankalpa, there’s a life to it and the energy of your Sankalpa will rise up to meet you and ask you to rise up and do the same . This Sankalpa was chosen as a tool to integrate the Divine Masculine parts of ourselves with the Divine Feminine parts of ourselves through our Sacred Heart Center.
One by one, everyone walked down the aisle to commit to the marriage of their sacred selves.

So, my question to you is, what do you want your Sacred Heart to do with your one and only precious life?

Here’s a Magical Mantra to guide you:

“I vow to honor myself as a sacred being!”

We are not in a dress rehearsal, this is our life.

In gratitude,

Parvati Victoria Goodwin


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