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Parvati Victoria Goodwin, E-RYT | Founder & Owner YACEP logo

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Parvati Victoria Goodwin, E-RYT, is the owner of the Blissful Yoga studio in Mullica Hill, New Jersey.
Parvati Victoria is a strong believer in the value of a regular personal practice.  Beginning in 2000, she found that a consistent regimen of yoga and meditation helped her to manage a chronic pain condition.  She has been an avid student ever since, completing her first teacher training program at Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in 2006; Yoga Dance, a yogic study of movement through the Chakras, and continuing on to earn certifications in Vinyasa, Yin, and Children’s Yoga.  She is currently studying at the Himalayan Institute for her 500 Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.  A yoga teacher for 12 years, she is also a Sacred Empowerment Mentor and an Intuitive Energy Healer, offering Reiki and Chakra Balancing Energy sessions.
Her passion and calling have led her to extended stays in India where she has spent undisturbed time in meditation, exploration, and the study of Yoga philosophy and Ayurveda. Victoria describes her trips as “magical”, bringing mind, body, and spirit into a united surrender to faith.  Victoria’s yoga classes are a blend of the physical practice of yoga along with the teachings of ancient yoga philosophy to guide each student deeper into themselves to find the magic within.  She offers yoga retreats to share these immersive and transformative spiritual experiences with her students and other seekers.  Her trips include daily asana and spiritual practice, immersion in local yogic culture, and travel through ancient spiritual centers.

Jean Froese, E-RYT 500

jeanJean’s journey with yoga began in a gym with no real understanding of the practice other than it was a “workout”. Great teachers and a desire to learn more moved her forward and she studied to become a teacher. She got her 200 hour Hatha Yoga training back to back with a 30 hour Yin training in 2012. She has been teaching steadily since then and has acquired Reiki 1 and 2 attunements, as well as, a level 1 Vedic Astrology certification through the Academy of Vedic Arts and Sciences.

Jean teaches from her own practice and understanding so her personal practice is ongoing and varied. She practices Vinyasa, Ashtanga and most recently Jivamukti yoga, as well as gentle Hatha and Yin. “Teaching is an honor and I appreciate, so much, the opportunities I have to share my practice”.


Mary Procacci


Mary started practicing yoga in June 2015. She was looking for a new purpose and stumbled upon Blissful Yoga! Her first class was Yin. She felt so good after that first class and was totally hooked from then on. Mary took every beginner class available until August when she challenged herself to Blissful’s 21 Day Yoga Challenge. She continued her practice every day since! Mary spent the entire year taking workshops, practicing yoga and meditation and learning everything she could about yoga. She began Yoga Teacher Training in April 2016 at Blissful Yoga.  Her dream when she began was to teach yoga to kids of all ages. Mary went to NYC in August 2016 and received her Kids Yoga certification with Kidding Around Yoga. Now, Mary wants to share the gift of yoga with anyone who will practice with her! Mary is a 200 hr Hatha/Vinyasa teacher, Yin Yoga teacher, Reiki Master and has continued her studies with a 100 hr Chakra Immersion Training.

Mary is also a 3rd grade teacher in Wilmington, DE. She begins every morning with her students doing a meditation, along with positive affirmations.  She also teaches yoga to her students and staff.  Teaching her students mindfulness and meditation in school has helped her and her students build confidence, focus and the ability to self-regulate their feelings, emotions and behaviors. It creates a fun-loving, peaceful and positive environment for learning. Mary wants to spread her love of yoga to children and adults alike, to help them find their own inner peace and strength.  Mary invites you to step into the magic of your true Self in every class, challenging yourself to feel what you are truly capable of being!

Suzi Zappile

suzi-zSuzi, a yogi by heart, lives to nurture, empower, and motivate people. As a former Zumba, Zumba Kids and Sports Camp Instructor, Suzi has always been active. Yoga has been a part of her exercise routine on and off, but it wasn’t until her chronic pain from severe endometriosis left her unable to do any exercise for over two years, that she turned to yoga full time and her true path to yoga started.
Now completely pain free and stronger than ever, Suzi is a graduate of Blissful Yoga’s 200 hour Hatha/Vinyasa training and is a registered teacher with Yoga Alliance. She is excited to share all that the path of yoga has to offer and looks forward to seeing you at one of her classes!


Teja Shanti


Teja Shanti Kaur is a Mom, Registered Nurse, Certified Reiki Master, and Certified 200-hour Kundalini Yoga Teacher. During her Reiki training, she was guided to pursue Kundalini Yoga and it quickly became her passion.  

She had been suffering from chronic pain and fatigue while battling thyroid cancer since 2000. In 2009, she began a gentle yoga practice and realized she was starting to feel better. It wasn’t until she began Kundalini Yoga 5 years later she realized her own vitality and health. Just 3 months after beginning Kundalini yoga, the cancer was undetectable! Now, it is her desire and commitment to pass this knowledge on and to help guide you in becoming the best YOU possible.

Abigail Purcell

IMG_5541 Abigail, Victoria’s daughter, has been practicing yoga since her mother introduced it to her when she was just ten years old. She began a personal yoga and meditation practice in 2014. Abigail believes her yoga practice through-out college allowed her to de-stress and manage a full course load while also working full-time. She took 16 weeks of Ashtanga Yoga training in 2017. Though her personal practice is mainly Vinyasa and Ashtanga, she is trained in Reiki, Zumba, and Yin Yoga as well. Abigail is studying Clinical Mental Health Counseling as a graduate student at Holy Family University, and believes yoga and meditation are crucial to mental health wellness. She contributes a regular yoga and meditation practice to improved self-esteem, self-awareness, and overall happiness. 

Theresa Parkhill

unnamedTheresa Parkhill, was stranger to the world of yoga for many years, but enjoyed a love of fitness spending these years at the gym, on a spin bike, with a personal trainer, or perfecting pointe ballet dancing.  On occasion she would drop into a yoga class when spin classes were full, or she needed to unwind.  She truly had a love for the fitness arena until March 2016 when she injured her sacral bone and hip. Maintaining a regular routine at the gym and with a personal trainer, Theresa decided it was time to find another slower paced practice to keep her life more balanced.  After a lot of research and speaking with friends, she decided to try Yin Yoga.  A few Yin Yoga classes later, she decided to become a certified Yin Yoga instructor.  Which she accomplished in October 2017, at Blissful Yoga.  Since that time, Theresa has been teaching Yin Yoga, and is currently practicing and preparing for her 200-hour Shaktinanda teacher training,  journey beginning July 2018 at Blissful Yoga.  Theresa is also Reiki 1 and 2 attuned.  

Sharyn Infanti

Sharyn found YogaSharyn Infanti in 2013 as a complement to her meditation practice, holistic and plant-based lifestyle. After a few years of practicing she wanted to share its unique way to achieve empowerment, self-awareness, confidence and peace of mind with as many as possible. She first began her teaching journey by becoming certified to teach children’s yoga through Kidding Around Yoga. While teaching to children, the desire to share yoga grew even more, therefore she spread her wings and received her 200-hour yoga teacher training in 2018.

Sharyn is passionate in inspiring others to tap into their inner strength and wisdom. Her classes are a beautifully blended mix of meditation, asana (poses), and pranayama (breath), sprinkled with fun to help students discover their, happier, healthier, loving selves in mind, body and spirit.

Elizabeth Cox

unnamed-1Elizabeth Cox previously dabbled in Pilates and yoga as part of her regular workout regiment, as a peaceful way to disconnect from a hectic home and work schedule. However, after emergency spine surgery in the Winter of 2016, she found her path to recovery could not be built on her pre-surgery workouts, which regularly pulled her neck and back out. She decided to give gentle yoga a try at Blissful Yoga, in the Spring of 2017, and fell in love. After steadily attending classes and workshops, her body and spirit felt more at ease and she slowly regained her strength, stamina, and confidence back. She also discovered the unexpected gifts of guided meditation, the ability to tune into and honor one’s own mind and body, chanting, and so many new perspectives that only enhanced her ever-growing love for personal spiritual well-being.

Elizabeth was certified to teach Yin Yoga in the Fall of 2017 and expects to complete Shaktinanda 200 hour teacher training, at Blissful Yoga, in January 2019. She is grateful to be a part of the Blissful Yoga office staff, acting as Event Coordinator and Operations Manager, and appreciates the spiritual growth and healing she sees all around her on a day to day basis. Elizabeth also maintains a part time corporate position, where she Manages Key Accounts and guides team members at a custom software firm. 

Emily Turin


Hello, I’m Emily Turin. Learning yoga has helped me heal a Chronic Pain issue that was truly hindering me from living a fulfilling life, both physically and mentally. Adding a daily meditation practice to my life has helped me recognize self-sabotaging patterns, pains, and hurts that I have been holding onto (emotionally and physically), and has shown me that within stillness, I can bring awareness and healing to my own life. At one point, I feared I may never walk again due to the pain my body was in. Using a combination of stretching, massage, Myofascial Release Therapy, meditation, and the practice and philosophy of Yoga, I now have minimum pain. I hike, dance, work, and move just as I did before. I rarely need anti-inflammatory’s, something I have used regularly since High School.

I decided to teach Yoga because I want to help other learn these self-healing and alternative ways of releasing themselves from pain. I see so many people in pain, turning to a life ruled by doctor visits, prescription drugs and narcotics, opting for surgery, ending up on disability and stuck. Pain does not have to lead to this life. Learning the philosophy of Yoga and the science of the chakra energy system has taught me that most disease in the body is truly an emotional disease of mind and an imbalance of energy. Through practice and research, I have learned that the emotional traumas and energetic patterns we are subjected to as we grow and develop, build up in our bodies, physically, causing pain and disease. This has helped me understand and track the root of my pain and to start healing it naturally from every level. It has become an investigation for me. I am eager to solve the pain crisis. I am eager to share these amazing ideas with others who are suffering and might benefit. By sharing the practices of Yoga and Meditation, I hope to ease the pain in this world. 

Emily is a graduate of Blissful Yoga’s 200 hour Hatha/Vinyasa training.

Jennifer Roth


Jennifer Roth is a passionate yoga instructor focused on empowering women through yoga and mindfulness.  As a mother of four, she understands how important it is to make time for ourselves, to destress and tune into our bodies.  She obtained her 200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Certification in 2018 and is a certified yoga instructor through Yoga Alliance. Her approach with yoga embodies self love and body positivity in a fun and relaxed environment.  Through movement and breath, she will give you tools to carry off the mat and into your life.