Online Lunar Meditation & Spiritual Rituals

Join presenter…

Parvati Victoria Goodwin

Sacred Empowerment Mentor & Founder of Blissful Yoga

…for our LIVE Lunar Cycle Guided Online Meditation series.

Parvati’s meditations are intuitively created each Full Moon and New Moon to guide and support participants to live in attunement with our lunar cycles. Each New Moon meditation will focus on “Setting New Intentions,” each Full Moon Meditation will focus on “Releasing Negative Patterns.”

This series is offered exclusively online so participants may relax and take in the gift of each guided meditation & spiritual ritual guidance in the comfort of their own home.

Single Meditation Exchange $19
Ten Meditation Series Exchange = $175

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Upcoming Schedule:
August 11, Saturday at 7:45pm  New Moon
August 26, Sunday at 7:45 pm  Full Moon
September 9, Sunday at 7:45 pm  New Moon 
September 24, Monday at 7:45 pm  Full Moon 
October 8, Monday at 7:45 pm  New Moon  
October 24, Wednesday at 7:45 pm Full Moon