Lunar Meditation & Spiritual Rituals

Join presenter…

Parvati Victoria Goodwin

Sacred Empowerment Mentor & Founder of Blissful Yoga

…for Wiccan Spiritual Rituals at the Studio OR our LIVE Lunar Cycle Guided Online Meditations…

Parvati’s “Open” Sacred Wiccan Circles  – Tune into inner wisdom and higher vibrations through setting new intentions during the new moon. or releasing during the full moon. Through Ritual, Parvati will set sacred space in perfect peace, perfect love, and perfect trust. We will call in the Archangels to watch and guide our sacred circle.

Parvati’s online meditations are intuitively created each Full Moon and New Moon to guide and support participants to live in attunement with our lunar cycles. Each New Moon meditation will focus on “Setting New Intentions,” each Full Moon Meditation will focus on “Releasing Negative Patterns.”