7 Shades of Wines & Chakras ~ 10/6/2019

7 Shades of Wines & Chakras

October 6,2019
1:00 – 3:00 pm
Experience a delightful sensory and spiritual pairing featuring 7 chakras, 6 wines and 1 chocolate. Enjoy this guided wine tasting and lesson on the 7 Chakras.
In certain major parts of our body, Prana Is constantly spinning to keep us alive and active. The spinning or rotating nature of Prana made these parts of the body, centers of energy, also known as Chakras.
Come expand your pallet and your spirit!
This event will be co-hosted by Amy Smith, Owner of Laughing Buddha Hot Yoga and Parvati Victoria Goodwin, Owner of Blissful Yoga!
*Wine provided from Auburn Winery*

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