Classic Mat Pilates ~ 2/10/19

Classic Mat Pilates Workshop

with Susan Desiderio

Sunday Feb 10

from 11:30AM-1PM

Investment $25


0-2.jpeg0-1Pilates is a series of exercises that target the deep abdominal and spine muscles in order to provide core strength. Done regularly Pilates will greatly improve abdominal strength, posture, body awareness, muscle tone, low back problems, balance and flexibility. Due to the nature of the exercises and breathing methods, many people experience more energy and an overall sense of well being after completing a session. In this workshop, you will learn about the origins and benefits of this mindful practice. You will be led through a Classic Mat Pilates class safe for all levels of fitness.

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Susan Desiderio
0-3.jpegIn 2000 Susan was first introduced to Mindful Movement via Mat Pilates in a Wellness Center. After taking her first few healing breaths and becoming aware of the benefits of this practice, she began her journey into the world of Holistic Healing. Today Susan is a licensed massage therapist with numerous certifications in Pilates, yoga, Reiki/energy healing and meditation. She has over 15 years experience as a holistic healer and teacher, and has managed her own health and wellness business, Blue Haven Massage & Bodywork. Also, as Director of Wellness at Seabrook Rehabilitation she can be found developing Wellness Treatment Plans and teaching alternative medicine/holistic healing modalities to staff and patients.