Kids Yoga at Blissful Yoga ~ 7/21/18, 7/28/18, 8/4/18

Kids Yoga at Blissful Yoga 

with Mary Procacci 

 July 21th, July 28th, & August 4th 

12:30 pm – 1:45 pm (ages 6+) 

 $60 investment / child 

$20 drop in rate per class

Benefits of Meditation and Yoga for Children: 
~Regulates breathing
~Promotes mindfulness
~Establishes routine
~Boosts self-esteem
~Helps improve sleep, focus and concentration
~Increases the ability to recognize and slow negative or anxious thoughts
~Helps you stay in the present moment, Connects your mind and body so that you can respond calmly, instead of reacting quickly