Level 1 Beginners Yoga Series ~ 4/30/19 – 6/4/19

Level 1 Beginners Yoga Series


6-Week Series: 

Every Tuesday: April 30 – June 4 

6:00 pm – 7:15 pm 

Investment: $80 *non-refundable

Lead by Elizabeth Cox 

  • Develop balance 

  • Build strength 

  • Gain flexibility 

  • Reduce Stress 

  • Calm the mind 

  • Increase confidence 

All without feeling overwhelmed or confused 

Week 1: 

Introduction to yoga and the 8 limbs of yoga. Learning how the mind, body and breath work together in unison the different props often used in class and their common uses. We will work on warming up the body to prepare us for yoga, including child’s pose, table, cat/cow, standing poses, and modified Sun Salutation A. 

Week 2: 

Introducing standing poses, Warrior I, Warrior II, and some balancing poses will be introduced. Body alignment will continue to be emphasized. Modified Sun Salutation A and full Sun Salutation A. 

Week 3: 

Strengthening the back and improving flexibility in the spine. Twisting postures and Sun Salutation B are introduced in this third week of the series. Diving into breathing techniques that can be used in your yoga practice and in daily life. 

Week 4: 

The benefits of core strength. In terms of asana practice, core abdominal strength improves nearly every pose, offering a sense of balance and ease. 

Week 5: 

We will strengthen our Sun Salutation A & B and prepare the body for heart openers/back bending. Meditation will be the focus during this week. 

Week 6: 

In this final week of the series, you will apply many of the things you’ve learned in the previous weeks and practice a basic asana flow.