Magick Wand Making Workshop ~ 10/20/18

Magick Wand Making Workshop 

Saturday, October 20, 2018 
Exchange: $70 
Noon – 2 pm
Blissful Yoga 
21 South Main St 
Mullica Hill, NJ 
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Workshop Includes… 
-Meditation to safely waken your inner Magick 
-A variety of local & cured wooden wand bases 
-Wand accessories & tolls including – Crystals – Shells – Feathers – Metal Wire – Engraving tools – string – ribbon – paints & stains – beads – buttons – herbs – & more! 
-Cleansing Ritual to prepare your wand and accessories 
-A brief history of Wand-lore 
-Wand Consecration Ritual 
-How to care for your wand 

Guided by Elizabeth Cox & Stephanie Schafer 

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Honor Your Inner Magick & Divinity! 

Through Meditation and wand crafting artistry, spend this Autumn afternoon tuning into, celebrating, then channeling your own beautiful and unique energy.