Navratri Goddess Yoga Dance & Vedic Chanting ~ 10/12/15

Navratri Goddess Yoga Dance & Vedic Chanting
Monday, October 12
8:00pm ~ 9:00pm
$15 per person
Led by Victoria and Shalini


Monday, October 12th 8:00pm ~ 9:00pm $15 per person Sign Up Now

Navratri is a celebration of the Goddess Energy, the Mother Energy. In India, it is observed twice a year: Autumn and Spring. Navratri literally means 9 nights with a different Goddess energy celebrated each night.
 October 12th is Eve of the first night of Navratri and a powerful evening to invoke the Goddess Energies. We will embody the three Supreme Mother Goddesses through Yoga Dance and Chanting. During Navratri, we allow the Goddesses to bestow wealth, auspiciousness, prosperity, knowledge and other potent powers to cross every hurdle in life.
Let your soul soar to an eclectic mix of music from around the world which simply begs your body to move! Yoga Dance is a yoga and dance based fitness experience that blends mind, body and spirit in a non-competitive environment. It nurtures your whole being as we dance through the chakras through both guided and self-created movement.
Participation for this self-paced workshop is open to all fitness levels. Join us and get your fun, fitness, and stress relief all rolled into one!