New Moon/Solar Eclipse Meditation ~ 7/12

New Moon/Solar Eclipse Meditation 

Online Zoom Gathering! 

The illustration shows  girl who admires  star sky

Offered through video conferencing with Zoom with a link for registration!

Zoom is an online meeting room. You will only be able to see and hear Parvati Victoria. The session will be approximately 30 minutes. Please be sure to log into the zoom session in a place where you will be comfortable and available to participate fully in the meditation.

July 12, 2018!

7:45 pm to 8:15 pm

New Moon in Cancer with a Solar Eclipse means that things just get juicier this in July. Cancer’s qualities of watery emotions, fiery passion and strong intuitive energy will be magnified with the Solar Eclipse!

We move into an angel vs demon or good twin vs evil twin mode. Add on to that Black Moon Lilith is close to Pluto means our darker sides, our primitive selves and behaviors in our rawest form can pounce forth!

Therefore, it’s a time to focus on B A L A N C E. Balancing more of our Divine Feminine self with our Divine Masculine Self.