Priestess Power ~ 8/18/18

Blissful Yoga is grateful to welcome renowned Channeler of Jesus, Mother Mary and Mary Magdalena

Ms. Virginia Ellen 


From her website, “In a near death experience Jesus appeared to Virginia Ellen, he gave her the opportunity to become a Living Christ. After returning to her body Jesus began teaching her the practice of Sacred Heart Yoga to accomplish her ascension into Christ Consciousness.”

Ms. Ellen will be presenting…

Priestess Power

(For Men & Women) 

Join Virginia Ellen as she leads us into a place of reunion with the Priestess within. The Priestess Power is the beautiful, courageous leader that lies within us all. 
You will have the opportunity to accept and embody Priestess Power. You will be receiving and transmitting her messages with Divine Clarity. You will move into a place of knowing that your decisions shape your destiny. 
We will be moving in the ritual space of the labyrinth, the symbol of the Priestess. Priestesses consciousness will fill your heart and guide you in your walk of truth. 

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Saturday, August 18 
1:00 – 4:00 pm 
Energy Exchange: $50