Wiccan Strawberry Moon Releasing Ritual ~ 6/29/18

Presented by: Parvati Victoria Goodwin 

Friday, June 29 from 7:00 – 9:00 pm 

Investment: $31 

(pre-registration required) 


The Strawberry Full Moon is a powerful night for Magick. 

Let’s gather for a Spell of Protection 

Protect yourself energetically from being drained 

Releasing Fire Ritual under the Full Moon 

Full Moons are a time to release thoughts, ideas & habits that we realize are not for our highest good. 

Ending with a Fresh Strawberry Dessert 

For higher evolution of course! 


Join Blissful Yoga & Parvati Victoria Goodwin 

Picture1Parvati Victoria Goodwin is a Sacred Empowerment Mentor and the owner of Blissful Yoga studio in Mullica Hill, NJ.  Raised Roman Catholic, Victoria has been practicing Wicca since her early teen years and continues to practice Wicca along with Christianity and any philosophy that has LOVE and EMPOWERMENT at its core.

Her passion and calling have led her to extended stays in India where she has spent undisturbed time in meditation, exploration, and the study of Yoga philosophy and Ayurveda. Victoria describes her trips as “magical”, bringing mind, body, and spirit into a united surrender to faith.